King Frog #5

King Frog #5 (10.09.18) 

We keep a plastic tub of stuff in The Fort; extra BB’s, a flashlight, pocket knifes, magnifying glass, you know, essentials. We jump the fence to the Munstin’s backyard and stealthily move toward the entrance…

King Frog #4

King Frog #4 (10.08.18) 

Everything's all blurry and liquid looking, and I can feel a slick bead of blood trickle down my neck and then soak into the collar of my shirt. I hear the window open up above…

King Frog #3

KING FROG #3 (10.04.18) 

It's one of those grey, cold mornings, the wind is tickling the trees, freeing some of the first color-changed leaves to dance about the street, and tapping at the window with sprays of sheeted rain…

King Frog #2

KING FROG #2 (10.02.18) 

The neighborhood adults have been acting strange lately. They've been disappearing for a few days at a time, and when they return, they're different. They don't talk much, just grunt, or croak once in a…

King Frog

Well, it's October again, and I'm doing another mini story of semi-daily installments. Last year I did digital images for each entry, this year I'm playing with some new markers. Hope you enjoy!

KING FROG #1 (10.01.18) 



Seconds after thinking to myself how much I liked these knobs, I broke one taking it off for pot maintenance. 


Eraser #20 (10.30.17) - The End/Beginning

Sam walked with the man in white along the paved road; on his right was a lake, on his left a village in the trees. 

“Where am I?” Sam asked, What is this place”? 

“This? This is nowhere…


Eraser #19 (10.29.17)

Kevin could feel the connection between himself and the shadow, he closed his eyes and focused on the humming force inside of himself and how it called out to its other half, and then he saw a vision from sight…


Eraser #18 (10.27.17)

The Eraser sped toward Kevin, both their eyes blazed red as they barreled at one another. Kevin braced for the collision, but at the last second the Eraser flung himself up into the air and over top of him, wiping…


Eraser #17 (10.25.17)

The Eraser burned with a stolid fury. He stared out into his dark trophy world, he was disgusted by the collection of things, his want to keep them, and the fact that he had betrayed his very purpose; he did…