Eraser #10 (10.16.17)

Kevin sat and watched the films of his past. He saw his own life from his mother's eyes. He saw pain he had caused others by watching himself inflict it upon them, and he witnessed love bore toward him that he had lived unaware of. He understood these were the memories of him from the world. He knew they had been stolen from those they belonged, and that he was now utterly alone. No one would remember him. No one could recognize him. He was a ghost. 

A hollow lump was forming in his throat and his chin curled up as tears began to pool in his eyes; he fought them at first, but then recalled how no one was there to see him, so he let it all release in an anguished wail as he lay there on his hands and knees. The sadness fell from him like a building collapsing upon itself, but the catharsis was not complete, and a rage swelled up inside him, he could feel it grow, and his head beat with the fury of his very blood boiling over with asperity; he hammered his fists against the black nothing and let out a primal cry from deep within. 

But he was not alone. The shadow creature was there. It was watching. It fed upon his pain and grew stronger at its release, its eyes grew fire-red and it stretched out a hand toward Kevin. 

Kevin's anger overtook him and he began to lose control of himself; He writhed on the ground and his cries grew more and more violent, his teeth gnashed and grew sharp, and his eyes began to glow that same ember-red, as venom dripped from his mouth to mingled with his shed tears. 

The shadow let out a low and sinister, taunting laugh that echoed throughout the dark infinity, his eyes were now aflame and burning out of his distorted face, and his opened mouth was the shade of blue and white flame. 

The creature that was Kevin turned to look upon its new master with those same hideous features.

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