Eraser #11 (10.17.17)

As Kevin let fall away the last vestiges of his past, some small thing tugged upon his heart. It was just enough to cast aspersion onto his letting go, and for a moment, his writhing transformation halted. He couldn't quite pin down what it was, but as he concentrated, it seemed to be like a pale blue dot in the far distance. 

The creature in the corner noticed the pause in Kevin's demise and set all its energy toward him in an effort to regain his lording power; but the blue speck was growing larger, like it was drawing closer, or like he was an astroid barreling through space toward the lone, jeweled Earth. 

“Sam!” he exclaimed as the thought finally impacted, and his monstrous features receded. “There was no movie for Sam!” 

“Ahhh, your little friend. Yes, well, soon I'll add him to my collection too, don't you worry. It will be complete, and th...”. 

One of the floating films disappeared, and then another. 

“No!” the creature let out, the flames in its eyes rising to meet his rage as he saw those prizes fade. The thing spun away and knelt down as if it were a cloaked heap on a floor, and then shot upward and was gone. 

Kevin hadn't noticed before, but beyond his own space, he could now see other prisons. His near transformation must have given him some new sense and sight. He looked out into an almost endless sea of isolated people, and past that, animals, and in one direction, buildings, and fields, and in another, plants, lakes, and automobiles, and on and on; all were separated and categorized like some vast index of existence, just floating there like lonely forms waiting to be conjured into reality. 

Try as he might, Kevin could not reach any of them, but he did know of a way out. 

He harnessed his sadness, his anger, he let it wash over him, and again fell to his hands & knees, but this time he let it overtake and consume him completely. He crouched into a pent-up shadow, and then exploded into ascension, past the darkness, toward a bright speck in the distance.

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