Eraser #12 (10.18.17)

Kevin Fired out of the stone well and broke through the ceiling above it, he shot through floors and ceilings and rooms and finally the attic and roof of the old manor, where he came to perch upon a spire to look out into an empty, dark world that was eerily similar to the one he had just escaped. There was nothing, all was dark save for a small patch of color in the distance toward where he knew his neighborhood should be; he could see a darting shadow heading in its direction. 

Kevin swept into pursuit, fully in control of his new powers; he let rage fuel his speed, but kept a small part of himself aware of the pale blue and distant bead that would allow him to return to his former self. 

He rocketed through the darkness like a black and whipping sheet in a storm, and soon he could see the shadow he pursued. The thing turned to see him just as he approached and they collided into a heap of twirling fury, gnashing and clawing at each other as they tumbled and rolled forward from the impact. 

They fought and tore at each other, and let out sounds of rabid beasts starving and fighting over flesh; Kevin slashed the other creature across the face with razored claws and the draw of blood incensed him further, and his eyes grew bright with flame. Kevin was consumed by his new power, and the creature was not prepared for the error in his creation. With another blow the creatures face was split in two, and its arm was snapped, and the white hot flames from Kevin's mouth consumed the thing. 

Kevin let out a great, piercing howl that split the darkness like lightning as he lorded over the fallen body of his nefarious creator, and as it turned to ash and drifted away, Kevin was overcome by a connection to all the things he had seen floating underneath the well. The flames in his eyes turned blue, and he saw the people, the land, the water, all of it, and he knew he had gained the power to restore it all. 

Lost in his revelation, he did not notice that the area immediately surrounding him had exploded into being; he was suddenly standing in the Centennial park on the outskirts of his town, there was color, and the merry-go-round where he had banged his tooth out on when he was six, and grass, and, as he turned to revel in the awe of it, he was bound by some force of magic. 

The man in white stood there, hand outstretched and eyes closed in concentration; Kevin could not move or speak, or worse, fade back into himself. 

Sam stepped out from behind the man, blade in hand, and walked up to the the creature that was Kevin and slit its throat.  

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