Eraser #13 (10.19.17)

“Do You see it?” 

Yes, it's there” 

“I told you so” 

The ancient manor stood alone atop the hill in a field that had always been perceived as vacant. The plot of land had long since been thought disregarded by some line of owners forgotten by time, and most people would not even have been able to recall where exactly that plot of land was, until eventually, it faded from all memory and ceased to be perceived at all. Though Kevin had seen it. 

He once asked his father about the abandoned field, and he seemed to think the question some sort of jest, according to him there was no field with a hill at the edge of town, no long drive leading up to a run-down courtyard, and certainly no structure there. Yet Kevin had been there, he'd seen a strange glow, or reflection emanating from that place, and recalled following the lights and walking through those deserted paths at night. 

“Just a dream” his mother would say, yet each night he again found himself drawn to the lights, and each new day, he would recall the dream as if it had really happened. 

There were two lights, one brighter than the other, like the Sun to the moon, and they would float there, in the field, one cutting roads, trails and rivers, leaving flowers to bloom and trees to grow; the other would pull the things down and return the land to its original state. This went on and on, and the little plot of land felt much larger, and seemed to extend far out into the vast reaches of existence. A whole world would be built and torn down every night, but one structure was built that remained constant, the manor atop the hill, and it was brand new and brilliant and the lights would retire there at the end of their cycle each night, and Kevin would wake up in bed at home. “Just a dream”. 

One night, Kevin arrived at the place and the lesser of the lights was tearing all the other made down so quickly that no world could be made at all, and there was darkness everywhere; the brighter light tried again to create the world, but the lesser proceeded to consume it too and all was black as shadow. Kevin saw a small piece of the bright light escape into the night just before if was destroyed, and it hung up there in the sky like a far off distant star. 

The lesser was now a pale shadow of its former self, and it turned to the manor and set it to decay. Kevin was drawn toward it and he stepped through the doors of the ancient house, and walked down the hall to a room farthest left, where he saw the pale shadow descend into a stone well and disappear. As it did, the house began to fold in on itself, being dragged down too, and Kevin also felt the pull, and soon all was gone and there was nothing. 

“It was just a bad dream” his mother said as she consoled him from the panic he awoke from; she shook his inhaler for him and let him calm himself from its relief. 

He would not sleep again. 

The next day he told Sam of his dreams, and the following night they took their bikes to the edge of town, to the long drive, and they saw what lay hidden there, and afterward, Sam too had a strange dream, though his was of hanging above a great darkness, looking down at all that was, but all was gone.

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