Eraser #14 (10.20.17)

Blood spilled to the ground, and the creature's hands instinctively wrapped around its own throat in an effort to stop the wound; it gurgled and sputtered and fell to its knees, the flames in its eyes diminishing until they were extinguished and turned black. The thing looked up at Sam, and its features began to change; slowly the shadow faded until only Kevin lie there dying, tears staining his cheeks, and blood running from his throat onto his hands to pool underneath him and stain the Earth. 

“No!” was all Sam could yell as he turned with a pleading, helpless expression toward the man in white, and then back toward Kevin. He fell to his knees and took Kevin up in his arms and sobbed. Kevin looked up at him with a knowing stare, and then his hands fell away from his throat and he lay there motionless. 

The black ashes that had drifted off were making their way to the old stone well. 

“Come” said the man in white, “We have work to do”. 

“I can't just leave him here, I won't!” 

The man waved his hand and Sam set Kevin down and stood up to follow him. 

A floating filmstrip joined the others in that dark place beneath the ancient manor, and the descending ashes made their way there and began to take shape.

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