Eraser #15 (10.23.17)

Sam and the man in white made their way back along the trail of color they had created through the darkness. Features that had been erased were now slightly different depending on Sam's recollection, which he was able to transfer to the man in white by placing his hand on his shoulder and concentrating. He was unable to witness the creating though, as it would cease upon him opening his eyes, or due to a loss of focus. 

“Where are we going? Why aren't we fixing things?” Sam asked 

“I need to rest. There's so little of me left that I cannot do any more right now, and I need to get you to safety. I fear I've made a great mistake”. 

“Mistake? What mistake? We killed the thing!” 

“I'm afraid we did not. Please, no more questions, I must concentrate. Lead me back to the house, and do not stop until we are there”. 

The man in white had his eyes closed as they went, and Sam walked in front of him, occasionally looking back to make sure he was following properly. 

The blood-soaked Earth underneath Kevin swirled up to meet his opened throat, and the blood slowly left the dirt and re-entered his body, and with every step the man in white took, Kevin's heart beat along. His wound closed and he gasped for air and coughed violently, then passed out, but was alive. 

The man in white fell to a knee. Sam looked back and saw his eyes were open, but his face was tired and older looking. 

“What happened?!” said Sam as he tried to help the man up. 

“Don't, please, it's no use. Turn around and wait there, I have something for you”. 

Sam did as he was asked. 

The man in white closed his eyes and opened his mouth, his face was fading to pale grey color as he grew thinner. From his mouth came a red glowing orb that floated out into his hand. 

“Here” he said, his voice growing frail, “Take this, use it with the other”. He outstretched his hand to Sam, the orb floating just above his palm while radiating a soft glow. 

“What is it? What other? What's happening to you?!” Sam was nearly in tears. “There's no one left, you can't leave me here”. 

The man in white smiled at him, and then his light went out, and he crumbled to ash and blew away.  

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