Eraser #16 (10.24.17)

The drifting remains of the black shadow had re-gained their shape at the bottom of the ancient stone well. There it gathered its withered strength, for it now realized that it had lost something, or rather, that something had been stolen from it. In its attempt to turn Kevin to its bidding, it had somehow transferred some of his power instead, enough to nearly kill him when Kevin used it against him, and that piece of himself in Kevin was the only reason he was not destroyed completely. 

The creature bent to its knees, closed its eyes, put its hands together to form a cup in front of himself, and then opened his mouth; a red orb presented itself, but it was incomplete, only a half, and for the first time, the Eraser knew fear. 

Kevin was floating across the ground when he opened his eyes, his vision was blurred, but he could barely make out a figure in front of him, and he could tell that it was speaking to another behind him, though the words were all muffled. He tried to speak, but his throat would not allow it, and all he could muster was a faint and raspy breath. At that, his floating motion stopped and he was lowered to the ground and one of the figures bent over him, then a cool stream of water met his lips, and he could feel it soothe its way all down his throat and into his stomach. He tried again to speak, but could not. A wet cloth was placed on his head and he was lifted once more and resumed floating. 

Sam sat there a long while staring out into the void from the small trail of existence he had helped to create. He held the red glowing ball the man in white had left him; it was smooth and slightly warm, and he envisioned himself tossing it out into the nothingness and watching it set there like a tiny red star in the night, but he did not, instead he just looked into it and saw that if he did toss it off into the distance it would just return to him. The more he peered into the thing, the more he understood, and eventually it absorbed into his palm and he stood up to seek shelter from what was coming for him.

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