Eraser #17 (10.25.17)

The Eraser burned with a stolid fury. He stared out into his dark trophy world, he was disgusted by the collection of things, his want to keep them, and the fact that he had betrayed his very purpose; he did not have, he did not retain, he did not revel in what was. No, that was the Other's job; his was of nothing, of all dark black, of empty and of void. He'd grown weak. It was his own fault. Now he saw it, now he understood. He stared out into that void and erased it all with a blank stare; the rivers, the trees, the buildings, the people. All of it, even the digital black glow that held it. He felt himself grow stronger as it was destroyed. Of course he did, this obsession with keeping his destruction, it was in itself a thing, and all things must be ruined and erased. 

He could not, however, erase Kevin, not yet anyway. No, Kevin held a part of him, and though he needed nothing else, he did need that, for without it he could not complete his work, without it the Other could prevail, so those floating banners remained, and he hated them. 

He'd hunted his kind to the last, and took all they had, that's how he was nearly able to erase all of existence, but now there was another with his power again, and worse, the Other had passed his on, and it was growing without him there to keep it in check. Soon, the New would learn how to use it, and he'd risk being cast back to the shadow, instead of all being shadow. 

He leapt from the darkened abyss and out of the well, driven toward what was his. He sped through the night, erasing the thin path of world left by the Other and his New. He could feel the half orb inside him burn with a frenzy to be whole again, and he grew more powerful the closer he came to its counterpart. 

Kevin opened his eyes and an energy buzzed through his body. He felt his throat repair itself and his muscles jolt from their atrophy; he half rolled/jumped off the stretcher, startling the two who were carrying him. He recognized them, but there was no time for pleasantries. He called on the monster inside of him and began to change while he yelled at his two friends to run, and they did. They did.

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