Eraser #18 (10.27.17)

The Eraser sped toward Kevin, both their eyes blazed red as they barreled at one another. Kevin braced for the collision, but at the last second the Eraser flung himself up into the air and over top of him, wiping away all the land around him as he flew past, and leaving only a small remaining patch where Kevin stood, stranded. 

The Eraser paused for just a moment and glanced back to shoot Kevin a mocking smile. 

“I'll be back for you after I destroy what's left of The Others” he gibed, as he turned and faded into the black. 

Randy and Tim were from the same neighborhood as Kevin and Sam. They'd all known each other their whole lives, and they too had met the man in white, he'd stopped them on the road just before encountering Sam for the first time. He'd pulled their memories of Kevin out of that dark well in order for them to help find and rescue him. Now, however, they ran for their lives. Now the black shadow was behind them, and Kevin was trapped. They had failed. 

Sam made it back to his house, the last remaining structure to be seen; It reminded him, vaguely, of the old manor sitting atop that lonely hill. He went to his room and knelt with his hand outstretched in front of himself, and then closed his eyes. A red light grew from his hand and expanded into a perfect circle that encompassed first him, and then the room, and finally the entire house; as it did, everything around him changed, he was no longer in his room, but outside, and there were others there as well. He was on a green hill, and there were rows of wooden chairs lined up, like for a wedding or some other event, and they were all facing a wooded area where tree houses and other structures could be seen; some were filled with people dressed in white flowing cloth, others empty. Children ran around in groups playing, and there were trails that led into the forest, and a paved road that followed a lake shore off into the distance. The old man in white stood there at the base of the road, now clothed in a gray, hooded robe. He smiled when Sam saw him, and then waved him over to were he was.

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