Eraser #19 (10.29.17)

Kevin could feel the connection between himself and the shadow, he closed his eyes and focused on the humming force inside of himself and how it called out to its other half, and then he saw a vision from sight that was not his. Kevin watched through the Eraser's eyes as it closed in on his two fleeing friends, saw them turn in terror as it stalked and devoured them, and witnessed the beast turn back to where he was and look straight into him from that far off distance. Kevin held on, and then heard the thing's voice in his head, “Fine, come along. Watch.” It turned toward a glowing sphere on the horizon and took off in its direction; he recognized it was Sam's house. 

Kevin broke the connection, he needed to somehow get to that house. There was nothing around him but a sea of endless dark. He closed his eyes and pulled from the deep well of the ancient manor, to his surprise, it was mostly empty, all that remained were the memories of him. He pulled them out, one at a time, the long, streaming banners of his past, and he placed them in front of his tiny patch of existence and used them to walk across the void toward Sam's house. As he went, the memories faded to nothing. He was erasing himself with each step he took.

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