Eraser #2 (10.10.17)

Sam was the older of the two, his eyes were a jeweled green, and his dark hair was always a mess due to a general apathy for its upkeep. The knees on his jeans were torn from numerous adventure, and many of the parents in their neighborhood wondered if he owned any other shirt besides the slim fitting black and grey baseball Tee he was so apt to be spotted in. His younger cousin Kevin was hung up on the fence, obviously shaken by the sudden jolt of being stopped in his tracks. Kevin was short, even for a kid of nine years, and a little more round than most his age; he suffered from asthma, and Sam could tell he was on the brink of an attack. 

Sam turned back to free his cousin from the grasping nail. “I wanna go back”, Kevin said, looking more pale than the moon. “Don't worry, we're going to be fine. Just relax. Remember what we talked about. Remember what we saw”. Soon they were both inside the overgrown courtyard, the dark facade of the house looming over them with a watchful and unsettlingly stoic intensity. Kevin dropped his backpack from his shoulders to the ground and unzipped it in search of his inhaler; he shook the thing and took a long, deep breath from its cold plastic mouth, and the sound of its release seemed amplified tenfold; it echoed throughout the night, shrieking and bouncing off the trees like a loosed banshee's scream. They both felt the explosion of adrenaline from the sudden fright, but Sam composed himself quickly and played it cool, starting toward the house and tapping the back of Kevin's head with his hand on his way by. “Ow! Knock it off Dickweed”! “Dickweed” was Kevin's go-to insult; he'd picked it up from one of Sam's comic books and was oft to throw it out at those who messed with him, albeit usually only once he was at a safe distance of retreat, which, of course, served only as a deposit for future engagements of the sort. 

Fearful of too much distance between them, Kevin zipped up his bag, got to his feet and ran to catch up, slinging the pack over his shoulders in the process. His inhaler slipped out of the hole made by the nail in the fence, and something else slipped in.  

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