Eraser #3 (10.11.17

The door to the place was unlocked and the hinges creaked like grinding teeth as the boys pushed through into the musty dark of the entryway. Sam had his flashlight ready and sent a beam cutting through the haze of dust and dampness. Kevin clung to him like he was his shield, peeking out from behind him as they crept further into the main foyer. A great chandelier hung above them and was draped in luminous cobwebs that reached down almost to the top of their heads. The floors moaned with a dry and brittle gasp with each step they took, and everywhere the wallpaper was peeling and stained with rivered streaks running from ceiling to floor. 

Kevin dropped his pack from his shoulder and bent down to look for his flashlight. As he unzipped it, he felt a coldness escape, but thought little of it.Then, he reached his hand in and it too went cold. He reflexively tried to pull it away but found he was stuck, and the sharp chill quickly began to climb up his arm as he began to panic and scream. Sam turned in surprise and shone his flashlight on him, in the dark his eyes gleamed and reflected like that of an animal's lucidum gaze, and the terror in his cry was paralyzing. A black and fluid apparition shot up and engulfed Kevin's arm to the shoulder, part of the thing turning toward Sam and letting out a nightmare shriek that froze him stolid, causing him to drop his light. The shadow ripped Kevin to the ground, and with a hurried violence, dragged him into the room farthest left down the long hallway adjacent to where they stood, leaving a wake of disturbed dust and dirt on the floor.  

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