Eraser #4 (10.11.17)

Sam dropped to his hands and knees, his stomach heaved but he hadn't eaten so the convulsion only served to steal his breath. He reached for his flashlight with a trembling hand and as soon as he picked it up it went out and the room went dark save for the moonlight shining through a broken window in the room nearby. He shook it and a beam shot onto the wall and a shadow slipped from its light behind an archway and disappeared. 

Sam ran out the door and jumped off the porch, tumbling into a somersault and back to his feet again as he bolted through the courtyard back to the old fence, his heart pounding out in front of him at each stride. Just before he leapt for the opening he felt a crunch under his foot and heard a scream from inside the house. He'd crushed Kevin's inhaler; he crawled back to pick it up and then went through the fence and all sound stopped and the inhaler was gone.  

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