Eraser # 7 (10.13.17)

The beast pulled him further and further down into the seemingly endless and expanding well, and all measure of time seemed to slip away, so that eventually Kevin surrendered the struggle to escape the things icy grasp altogether, and instead resigned himself to the emptiness of despair. Then the shadow released its cold grip and let him fall on his own; it turned to face him with an intense, yet onerous and vacant stare, two piercing red eyes reflecting in Kevin's own, and without a blink, or a sound, it shot back up toward the surface. Kevin was able to mutter a faint “Dickweed” at the creature before passing out. 

When he finally came to, he was in a limitless black void. It wasn't pitch darkness though, more like the black of an active television screen with nothing playing on it. Kevin could still see himself as if it were daylight, and soon found he could also move un-hindered through the nothingness by walking normally, even though, at first, he assumed to be floating; when he stopped, however, the floating sensation returned. 

A small object appeared in the distance, then a larger one. He moved toward them and recognized, as he drew closer, that the smaller one was his inhaler and the other his bike. Then other things began to appear around him, all of them his own possessions, and soon he was standing in the likeness of his own room, surrounded by all his things, though there were no walls, just that luminous, digital darkness stretching out into infinity. Beyond his belongings he saw moving pictures appear, like filmstrips floating against the nighted backdrop, some longer than others, and all swaying like banners pulled behind an aeroplane. As he walked toward them he began to hear a multitude of familiar voices, those of his mother, father, family, and friends; the sounds were coming from the floating pictures, and he realized that each represented a different person from his life, and that in all of these little movies, he appeared to be the main character.  

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