Eraser #8 (10.14.17)

 “Don't worry, we're going to be fine. Just relax. Remember what we talked about. Remember what we saw”. The words echoed in Sam's sub-conscience, floating in a multitudinous swirl of vibrant color; then the sounds reversed and the cloud of pictured memory began to funnel like a drain had opened beneath it, and he saw himself standing on its precipice as if he were on the top edge of some great tornado ripping through his mind. He plunged into the whirlpool feet first and descended its depths, a cacophony of vision and chaotic noise growing ever louder and more obscure as he spun toward a black hole at its base; and then he was standing at the end of the long drive leading to that haunted place where he and Kevin had ventured. Kevin stood there with him, shaking his inhaler and sucking from it for relief. “Do you see it?” Kevin asked. “Yes, it's there”. “I told you so”.  

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