Eraser #9 (10.15.17)

Sam opened his eyes. He was confused at first, but soon realized he was in his own bed. His head was spinning, and as he stirred so did something in the corner of the room. It was the old man in white. Sam almost jumped out of his skin in terror, but the man put his finger to his pursed lips and struck him silent with his all black and lidless gaze. “What do you remember?” the man asked in a low and octaved voice. Sam did not reply, he was still trying to process what was happening, or had happened, or worse, what would happen, but the man asked again, and Sam was oddly reassured by its calm manner and tone. “Y-You” Sam stuttered, “You were in the road...who...what are you?” 

“I see” said the man, “we did not go back far enough”. 

“Kevin!” Sam exclaimed, as he frantically began to throw the covers off himself. 

“Ahhhh”, mused the man as he raised his hand to stroke his bristled chin, “You did see him. Good. Very good. We may still have a chance” He pointed to the bed with a long rat-like finger, “Sit down”. 

“What?! No! I have to tell my parents! Kevin's parents! We have to call the police”! 

“The police? Ha! No, I'm afraid that won't do any good. I fear that part of town is already gone. Your parents too, and Kevin's, though you must have made up some ground on this last attempt. We may be able to at least leave this room now”. 

“Gone? What do you mean gone?! What's going on here? Who are you?! Wher....” 

The man waved his palm across his own face and his features faded, and instead, a beam of black, illuminated space shot out from within him, and Sam saw the past, and remembered how the world had been erased.  

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