Eraser #4 (10.11.17)

Sam dropped to his hands and knees, his stomach heaved but he hadn't eaten so the convulsion only served to steal his breath. He reached for his flashlight with a trembling hand and as soon as he picked it up…


Eraser #3 (10.11.17

The door to the place was unlocked and the hinges creaked like grinding teeth as the boys pushed through into the musty dark of the entryway. Sam had his flashlight ready and sent a beam cutting through the haze of…


Eraser #2 (10.10.17)

Sam was the older of the two, his eyes were a jeweled green, and his dark hair was always a mess due to a general apathy for its upkeep. The knees on his jeans were torn from numerous adventure, and…


Eraser #1 (10.09.17)

Two boys pushed through the old crooked fence, one of their backpacks catching on a rusted nail and tearing a bit as it jerked his heart still, like it was trying to turn them away from what lie ahead. They…

New Drawing

I've been working on a series of these 11x14 ink & marker posters, thinking of getting prints made for the store (?)

Welcome to my new website!

After languishing in obscurity for many years, I've decided to create this central hub in order to keep you all up to date on my happenings. Here you will have access to exclusive content including the latest songs, news, and…