Eraser #20 (10.30.17) - The End/Beginning

Sam walked with the man in white along the paved road; on his right was a lake, on his left a village in the trees. 

“Where am I?” Sam asked, What is this place”? 

“This? This is nowhere. This is where we all go, and soon it too will be gone. He's coming. The Eraser. He's almost here”. 

“But, what about...what about what you gave me? Can't I stop him? I can give it back to you, you can stop him!” 

“No. No, I'm afraid not. He will erase everything, and you must let him”. 

“What?! Let him?! What do you mean? Hell no I'm not going to let him!” 

“I'm afraid you have no choice, look, he is here”. 

The man in white pointed to the horizon, and the clouds were swirling into a kaleidoscope of deep blue color, like lava flowing upwards and looking like oil in water, and climbing and growing and darkening the sky, and behind the blue was fire and beyond that the dark black of nothing. 

“Remember what I told you” said the man in white as he looked around with a reverent smile, “Use what I gave you with the other, when it's time”. 

Kevin could see the Eraser tearing its way through the glowing shield around Sam's house; he leapt and tackled him and they both ripped through the barrier and tore through the roof of the house below. They fell and fell, and Sam saw them plummet from the sky and crash into the lake, and as they did the water hissed in agony at their presence and then was dried up and gone. The two clawed and gnashed at each other, and the Eraser slashed Kevin's face and spilled his blood to the ground. Kevin's eyes burned with haunted fury and he bit the things leg and tore at its flesh and it let out a hideous cry. The Eraser grabbed him and flung him across the barren lake floor and then set his eyes on Sam and the Man in white and all those gathered in the village. 

The Eraser launched toward Sam, and the man in white pushed him out of its way and was devoured as they rolled away. Then it stood up and let out a horrible, blood curdling scream as its eyes blazed up with flame; it set to destroying all that was before it. it erased the trees, the paths, the children, and even the sky, and it grew in power and was not to be sated until all was gone. 

The barren lake bed, and Sam, who stood between the Eraser and Kevin, were all that remained. 

The Eraser sped toward Sam, and Kevin did the same, and Sam leapt aside as the two collided away from him. He sat there on the ground, with an all black sky around him, and called on the thing he had been given. As it came forth, the Eraser turned toward it and set to destroy him. Kevin saw the moment of distraction and used it to grab the Eraser by one shoulder and then thrust his other hand through its back out out its chest, and there he held the half orb of his enemy in front of his own eyes. 

The Eraser held on to the thing with desperation, his hands wrapped around Kevin's and soaked in blood, and he called on its power one last time to eraser everything that remained, but Sam used his newfound power to envelop them in a bubble, and there they floated, just the three of them. 

Sam reached out and called the Eraser's half orb to him with his outstretched hand and it came to him and the creature faded to nothing. 

Kevin pulled the last remaining banner from that deep well, it was Sam's, but before he could get it to him, Sam reached out and pulled the other half orb from his chest too. Both reached Sam at the same time, and he remembered Kevin, but Kevin was gone. 

Sam fell to his knees, an orb in each hand. One devoured the other, and then engulfed him. 

He was thrust into a blinding white room, like waking from a dream. He could not recall where he was before, and did not have a sense if he had ever existed before this moment. There was a low hum all around and a faint red sphere beginning to take shape in front of him about twenty yards away. He couldn't gauge the size of the room, everywhere he looked was just white, but he could tell that it was a room, it felt like one. The sphere took shape a became a solid red form and floated toward him, the whole room began to turn red too. He had no control of his movement and could only look on as the thing approached. The room then turned completely red and the sphere blended in so that it could not be seen, then it darkened into a black ball and began to change its shape; it became the form of a man and drew closer. The silhouette stretched out a hand in what appeared to be a handshake-like gesture, and Sam was compelled to do the same. His hand grasped the form and he was suddenly struck by all his memories, and more; he saw back through many lifetimes, and then forward through many more, his eyes turned red and he opened his mouth and a great, booming Om sound escaped into the room, and worlds were formed, and history was made, and in the shadows something stirred to life.

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