King Frog #5

King Frog #5 (10.09.18) 

We keep a plastic tub of stuff in The Fort; extra BB’s, a flashlight, pocket knifes, magnifying glass, you know, essentials. We jump the fence to the Munstin’s backyard and stealthily move toward the entrance. The trampoline is blanketed in multi-colored leaves, making The Fort dark inside, even though it’s still early. Something stirs inside. Fred raises his BB gun with nervous anticipation. 

“Hey, hold on” I say, as I lower his barrel with my hand, remembering how he unwarrantedly almost shot my ear off. 

“Hello?” I say into the darkness. Something shuffles in the back, and then we’re suddenly met with a bright light right in our faces. Fred screams and fires his gun onto the ground, narrowly missing my toe. Theres a scream in reply and the light in The Fort drops to the ground and shines onto a figure crouched against the back dirt wall. 

“Kenny?” I said. Kenny lived around the corner and a block away from me, he was younger than Fred and I, but we let him hang out with us sometimes. He had all the coolest toys. 

“Russell?” He said. 

“Yeah, and Fred. We’re coming in.” We ducked down and slipped inside. It was cool and earthy smelling, and the sound from outside was dampened by the Earth walls and leaves. 

“What are you doing here Kenny?” Fred asked. 

“Hiding” Kenny said. “My parents are,” he paused, searching for words, “well, not my parents. They’re weird. Wrong. I had to get away from them. I was scared.” 

“Yeah?” Fred said. “Us too. Shit aint right.” 

There was an old blanket in the tub, I took one corner and punched it through one of the trampoline spring ends, then stretched it across the entrance and did the same with the other corner to make a door. I hit the ceiling with my hand to move a spot of leaves and let a little light in. 

“You almost shot my foot off” I said, looking at Fred a little annoyedly. Then we all froze. We all heard it. My heart plummeted, and all our faces were drained of blood. Something was heading toward us. It was coming from the woods.

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